Rut Now Magic


I had a friend named Lee with whom I was having a conversation about manifestation through the movement of energy and she mentioned “Rut Now” magic. I asked her what that was and she said, “That’s magic that you do when you need something ‘rut now.'” It made me laugh and it stuck with me, so it’s a term I’ve used in my teaching since then, which was actually 15 years or so ago.

There are, of course, many ways to move energy quickly and efficiently, primarily through focused spellwork.  I use tools sympathetic to what I am trying to accomplish, which inclues the use of color, music, candles, incense, herbs, stones, chanting, intense focus and lunar cycles in any combination.

One of the most effect assets to “Rut Now” magic is the lunar cycle.  sure, you can whip out spellwork any time you want and yes, I do.  Working the lunar cycle, however, gives things a little bit of a boost.

The CUSP Moon Cycles are a good place to start if you want to work some Rut Now magic to effect change in your life right away. Tuning into the natural energies around us allows you to step into the concert of magic that is around us all the time and work in harmony with the organic flow of energy around us. The moon cycles are already set up to bring things to us and move things away from us through the monthly waxing and waning.

Nearly any goal can be set up around the moon cycles, regardless of the aspect the moon shows at that time. It’s all in the wording. If you want to bring in wealth and prosperity but the moon is waning, you would banish poverty. If you want to move forward in a waning moon, you would banish obstacles. If you want to lose weight during a waxing moon, you wouuld manifest health and well being. If you wanted to banish depression during a waxing moon, you would manifest joy. You can very nearly always turn a goal inside out to suit the current moon cycles.

The moon is not the only place of power you have when working in between the harvest process. It’s just a place to start to align your goal to the current energy trends. Finding a place where you can relax and focus your goal into a candle to burn (or as it burns) is another good technique. Visualize your goal as a completed state of being. Focus on the accomplisment rather than the process to get to the goal. Visualize the way you will feel, what you would experience and how your life will be different once the goal has come to fruition. Clearly bring to mind the sights, the sounds, the emotions and the reactions to the point that it’s “real” to you and imbibe that energy into the candle. When you are finished, complete the process by saying, “I can do it. I am doing it. It is done.” Trust, then, that  The Universe will bring you the equal or better of what you have asked.

Using symbols or tokens of what you wish to manifest is also a potent tool. As humans, we are stimulated by what we see around us. Having a physical representation of what you want that you can see from time to time or carry in your pocket is a great energy charge. Photographs, stones, pictures you have drawn, “Dream Boards” or “Focus Boards” that you have created all add tremendous energy to your endeavor. Burning incences made of herbs that are sympathetic to your goals is another way of adding a natural boost to your magic.

A Pagan’s Best Friends

I also  work with “Saint Candles,” which are the glass candles found in the Hispanic food section of many grocery stores.  They are inexpensive, burn for 5-7 days safely when left unattended and let’s face it, the Saints are aspects of Deity just as much as the God and Goddess aspects.  The premise is very similar and the Saints are very, very friendly to being used.

St. Jude is a total PIMP

St. Jude is the Patron Saint of Lost Causes and I tell you, if you feel like you’ve reached the end of your rope on a situation, light one of his $1.50 candles and ask St. Jude to handle the situation and he will absolutely get busy on it and you WILL see results.

I have used the St. Anthony chant countless times (“St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please look around.  Something is lost that now must be found.”) as spellwork to find something that is missing.  It’s very rare that the item doesn’t turn up within an hour or so of doing the chant 3 times while focusing on the item.

I use the same chant to Lady Bast if my cat is missing or Lady Hecete if my dog has taken off yet again (she manages her Hell Hounds and doesn’t seem to mind keeping track of my Hell Hounds as well).

Use the Madonna candles to work with Goddess energies

St. George is the slayer of dragons and St. Michael is the killer of demons.  You can imagine how effective they would be at helping to manage those problems that just keep kicking our total asses.

If you look at the photo up above and to the right that has shelves of candles, you’ll notice one on the left that is a hand splayed open palm facing forward with a saint on each of the fingertips.  Let me tell you, dear Pagan friends and Pagan-friendly friends.  That sucker packs a whallop no matter what work you are doing.

You can also use sympathetic colors of the wax of these candles to help you along.  Some come with no pictures and just plain wax in a candle jar like the one to the left.

These candles can be left burning for several days safely as long as they are placed up out of the reach of children or curious kitties and are not around flammable curtains, papers, etc.

If you want to get something moving faster than 5-7 days, you can use birthday candles, tealights or these little mini-candles (right) that are available at many metaphysical shops or even drug stores.  They come in a variety of colors and often have a guide on the candle sales display that tells you what colors are used for which purposes.

In any of these cases, you would clear your mind of extraneous thoughts (centering up), take several deep breaths and cold the candle firmly in your hands.  You may annoint the candle and the holder with an oil that is sympathetic to your goal if you like.  As you hold the candle, imagine your goal clearly in your head and feel your energy push into the candle itself.  Wax (whether soy, goats milk, paraffin, beeswax or even gel) is very receptive to personal energy and will soak it right up.  Once you have instilled the candle with your desire, light it, say a few words acknowledging your goal and then let it burn.

Whether you do a work and let it go, trusting  The Universe to take your suggestion and run with it or add energy to your magic on an ongoing basis until it is achieved, you can have faith that you have entered into a cooperative process with the natural energies around us to take you to your own greatest good.