Homage to the Element of Air


“Winds in the East… Mist coming in… Like something is brewing… About to begin…”

Air is the breath of life in our bodies. Air is our thoughts, our connections, our communications, our intellect, our education. Air is change. Air is new beginnings.

When: During the Full Moon

Where: Outside during fair weather

Dress: Flowing robes or garments

Items Required:

2 Hand fans

3 candles (1 to represent the God, 1 to represent the Goddess, 1 to represent yourself)

4 incense burners suitable for powdered incense to be burned on charcoal disks

A powdered incense that makes you feel aligned with the element of air

4 self-igniting charcoal disks

Music: (light and airy, your choice)

What to Do:

Start the music you have chosen. Cast and seal circle area. Place an incense burner in each of the 4 quarters and light charcoals in each one. Allow a few moments for them to heat well. Pause for a few minutes to meditate on the element of Air and what it means and feels like to you.

Invite the Lord and Lady to bear witness and assist with your rite and light the candles as you call them. Walk the circle and ensure all charcoals are well lit.

Beginning in the South, invite each quarter’s energy to witness the rite as you put 1 teaspoon of incense on each charcoal. When you arrive in the East, invite the Ancient Ones of the East to be with you. What do you feel when They come in? Call the Sylphs, (elementals of the East) to be there with you. What do you feel when they come in?

Use the fans to move the smoke of the incense. Begin to dance with the fans, allowing them to sweep incense filled air all around you. Blend the rhythm of the dance with the incense fumes (there should be plenty). Imagine that you become one with the incense and the air. When dancing becomes labored, move to the circle center and drop to the ground.

Allow yourself to blend with the incense, music and any breeze there might be. Clear your mind and allow yourself to meditate and vision.

When you have finished, rise. Thank the Ancient Ones for their energies, presence and protection. Thank the Sylphs for their presence and send them on their way, specifying that they harm none on their journey. Thank the Lord and Lady for their attendance and extinguish their candles and yours (last).

Open the circle. Wait fifteen minutes, then record your experience in your Book of Shadows.

Be prepared and open to receive other messages and visions to tune you with the East as you move through the moon cycle until the next Full Moon.