Homage to the Element of Water


We all come from the Goddess… And to Her we shall return… Like a drop of rain… Flowing to the ocean…

Water is emotion and intuition… all things that flow.  Water is feelings and the flow of magic.  Water is endings and death married to the waters of life within the Mother’s womb. 

When: Beginning at New Moon, culminating at Full Moon

Dress: None

When:  Beginning at New Moon, culminating at Full Moon

Items Required:

One Bottle (Dark or Amber if you have it) with a top or cork

Sea Salt, 2 teaspoons

A Blue Marble that will fit in the bottle

A Bath Tub

A stick incense that makes you feel aligned with the element of water, 2-3 sticks

Water enough to fill the bottle, then enough to fill the bathtub

4 Blue Candles

Wooden Matches

What to do:

On the night of the New Moon, pour the Sea Salt into the bottle.  Place the marble in the bottle and fill with water.  Place the bottle where it will be in the moon’s light until the night of the full moon.

On the night of the Full Moon, leave the lights off in the bathroom, light the 4 blue candles and place where you like in bathroom, preferably around the tub.  Light the incense and place in an appropriate holder.  Fill tub up with water that is very warm but not extremely hot.  Cast a circle in the bathroom.

Invite the Ancient Ones of the West into your circle.  How do you feel as they enter?  Get into the tub nude, holding the bottle with the salt water and marble inside.  Relax in the tub and think about being inside the womb of the Goddess.  Think about a time of death and rebirth.  Think about all the unwanted obstacles that you want to eliminate in your life.  Hold the obstacles firmly in mind and open the bottle.

Pour the salt water out into the tub, cleansing your self to represent the rebirth.  Pour the marble into your hand.  Ask the energies and Wise Ones of the West for a gift:  Something you need or want dearly.  Relax in the tub.  Feel the water all around you. Invite the Undines, the Elementals of the West, into your circle.  What do you feel when the swim in?  Splash the water over your face and body.  Think of how water suspends and protects us before we are born.  Think of the water from which our ancestors emerged to begin life on dry land.  Think of the water which will be colonized for our grandchildren to live in.

When finished, step out of the tub, taking your marble with you.  Envision that you are leaving the womb of the Goddess.  All outmoded aspects of your life that you would like to cast away stay in the tub.

Take your marble with you to keep your gift.  Let the water drain from the tub and that which no longer serves you drains away with it.

Thank the Ancient Ones for lending energies to your circle.  Send the Undines on their way, asking that they harm none on their journey.  Thank the element of Water and Wise Ones of the West for their lessons.  Open the circle.  Sleep with the marble in a pouch under your pillow to receive a message in your dreams.

The next day, write any dreams or impressions in your Book of Shadows.