Homage to the Element of Spirit


“Power of the Spirits…Flowing through me… Shining in me… Growing with me…”

Spirit is the silver cord that connects our conscious self to Deity.  Spirit is the sacred stairway that leads from Earth to Heaven.  Spirit is the sheer essence of Faith and Hope.

When: Dark of the Moon

Dress: Comfortable clothing

Items Required:

A white or black sheet or blanket

1 white candle

Incense of your choice

4-5 Herbs or Leaves

A Living Potted Plant (or work outdoors in grass)

Appropriate color quarter candles (shielded if outdoors)

Wooden matches

Several different kinds of stones

Your athame or wand

Music:   Music that brings you to Higher Self

What to do:

Take a ritual bath in candlelight and imagine that you are purifying yourself for the ritual. Start your music (you may work in silence if you prefer) and light your incense. Fold the sheet or blanket to about a 2 yard square and place the unlit, new white candle securing in the center with matches beside it. Place and light the quarter candles, taking a moment at each quarter to bond with the element represented.

Cast a circle around the quarter candles. Ensure that the room or area is completely dark except for the candlelight. Feel the energy coming toward you from the four quarter candles and the energies of the elements blending within you. Reach your arms up tall into the air and feel the God and Goddess energy come into your body.

Light the white candle. Feel the intermingling of Deity’s energy and that of the elements within you. After you have experienced this for a few moments, place your hands on the potted plant. Feel its leaves, its roots, it’s stems. Feel the life force that is inside the plant. Feel how water has blessed the plant, earth has held it, fire from the sun has warmed it and the air has carried its seed. Feel the life within that is a culmination of those elemental contributions and has an energy of its own as well. Imagine that you are the life force moving within the plant. Once you have bonded with the plant, pick up the herbs or leaves. Feel the life force that yet remains within them, similar to that of the plant. Imagine that you are again that life force.

Push yourself more thoroughly through the herb, infiltrating it with energy and life. Does it feel different in your hands now? Do the same with the stones, one by one. Feel the energy within. Consider the color of the stone and the properties of the color. How does it make you feel? Think of how the sun shone on the stone for hundreds or thousands of years or how fire spewed it forth onto the land.

Now think of how the earth formed it, water shaped it and the winds blew across it, changing it with their gentle kiss. Feel the essence of the four elements within each stone, then feel the life force and energy within the stone. Imagine that you are that life force and push yourself through it even more. Feel the God and Goddess moving through you as you explore each stone, each herb, imbibing it with your life force. Feel yourself moving through each empowered item now.

Take some time to fully experience their essence, then extinguish your quarter candles, thanking each element. Take up your circle and allow your spirit candle to burn for as long as you like while you write about your experience.